auto-save – Deshabilitar el mensaje "Guardado automático … hecho"


Quiero que mis documentos se guarden automáticamente, pero no quiero que me interrumpan con el mensaje "Guardado automático … hecho" cada pocos minutos.

¿Hay alguna forma de deshabilitar este mensaje, pero no la función de guardado automático?

He intentado lo siguiente sin éxito:


¿Hay alguna forma de deshabilitar este mensaje, pero no la función de guardado automático?

Sí, Emacs 27 introducirá la opción de usuario auto-save-no-message :

auto-save-no-message is a variable defined in ‘keyboard.c’.
Its value is nil

  You can customize this variable.

This variable was introduced, or its default value was changed, in
version 27.1 of Emacs.

Non-nil means do not print any message when auto-saving.

Quoth (emacs) Auto Save :

18.6 Auto-Saving: Protection Against Disasters

From time to time, Emacs automatically saves each visited file in a
separate file, without altering the file you actually use.  This is
called “auto-saving”.  It prevents you from losing more than a limited
amount of work if the system crashes.

   When Emacs determines that it is time for auto-saving, it considers
each buffer, and each is auto-saved if auto-saving is enabled for it and
it has been changed since the last time it was auto-saved.  When the
‘auto-save-no-message’ variable is set to ‘nil’ (the default), the
message ‘Auto-saving...’ is displayed in the echo area during
auto-saving, if any files are actually auto-saved; to disable these
messages, customize the variable to a non-‘nil’ value.  Errors occurring
during auto-saving are caught so that they do not interfere with the
execution of commands you have been typing.

Para personalizar la variable, puede Mx customize-variable RET auto-save-no-message RET o simplemente:

(setq-default auto-save-no-message t)

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