Enlaces duros recursivos en dired


Si quiero hacer enlaces duros recursivos de un directorio, tengo que usar cp -r -l dir en bash en lugar de ln -h . ¿Cómo puedo replicar esto en dired, porque dired-do-hardlink usa ln debajo?

¡Puedo usar M-! cp -r -l dir pero me gustaría no tener que tratar los directorios de manera diferente al vincular archivos.


Utilice diredp-do-hardlink-recursive , de la biblioteca Dired + .

diredp-do-hardlink-recursive is an interactive compiled Lisp function
in `dired+.el'.

(diredp-do-hardlink-recursive &optional IGNORE-MARKS-P)

Add hard links for marked files, including those in marked subdirs.
Like `dired-do-hardlink', but act recursively on subdirs to pick up the
files to link.

The files included are those that are marked in the current Dired
buffer, or all files in the directory if none are marked.  Marked
subdirectories are handled recursively in the same way.

With a prefix argument, ignore all marks - include all files in this
Dired buffer and all subdirs, recursively.

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